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The Anthology of Bright Spots in Type 2 Diabetes and Prediabetes aims to address the question, “What’s working? Where can we find out about existing successes?” The Anthology is meant to serve as a source of inspiration and idea-sharing, calling attention to innovative and impactful initiatives in the prevention and management of type 2 diabetes. Importantly, it aims to show that type 2 diabetes is investable and in doing so, a strong return can be made and sustained – financially, physically, societally, and in many other ways. By creating a unified collection of success, or “Bright Spots,” we hope to promote awareness, collaboration, further innovation, and investment.

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Community Health Worker Network of NYC

The Community Health Worker Network of New York City was founded in 2001 to serve as a place for community health workers (CHWs) to share best practices, resources, and gain training and professional development. The Network developed a CHW training program that has been used to train over 1,000 community health workers. The Network advocates

Dell Medical School

  A new medical school enrolling its first class in 2016, Dell Medical School focuses on training professionals in innovation and leadership in health. Students engage in a nine-month Innovation, Leadership, and Discovery curriculum Interprofessional education is a focus throughout the curriculum. Students engage in community projects and participate in case-based learning to understand the

Diabetes Awareness & Wellness Network (DAWN)

The DAWN Center provides a community space focused on developing diabetes self-management skills. DAWN offers courses on diabetes basics, nutrition, cooking, and physical activity and provides facilities for people to practice these skills. Membership is free, as are the broad variety of resources offered to members. The DAWN Mobile Unit provides diabetes risk screenings and

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Insights: what have we learned?

In creating this Anthology, we spoke to 100 people with backgrounds ranging from policy experts to endocrinologists and from behavioral researchers to non-profit innovators. These conversations were crucial in helping to identify the programs we considered for inclusion. We also believe the interviews also offered extraordinary insights into prevention, workplace wellness, and healthcare teams of the future overall. This section shares the most valuable lessons that emerged from those interviews. In doing so, the section brings together, from a broad variety of perspectives, both the challenges and the opportunities in preventing, managing, and caring for type 2 diabetes.

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About the Anthology

The Anthology of Bright Spots in Type 2 Diabetes was conceived in early 2016 during The diaTribe Foundation’s d16 Executive Innovation Lab on Diabetes and Obesity. 

Our hope is that this Anthology will lead to greater innovation and increased investment in preventing, managing, and treating type 2 diabetes. In our (albeit biased) view, it is one of the most urgent needs, and greatest opportunities, that exists in health today.

You can also download the full Anthology of Bright Spots booklet as a PDF.

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Our Experts

Dr. James Gavin III

CEO & Chief Medical Officer, Healing Our Village, Inc.

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Dr. Faith Foreman

Dr. Faith Foreman

Assistant Director, Houston Department of Health & Human Services

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Dr. Jaakko Tuomilehto

Chief Scientific Officer, Dasman Diabetes Institute

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